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EWPS-75 Water Purification System
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Generate up to 75 gallons of pure water per day by simply pumping air into an Air/Water Tank supplying needed pressure for the Reverse Osmosis Membrane to function. The system is supplied with one (1) double cylinder foot air pressure pump.  An additional foot actuated pump can be ordered as an option.

The System is designed in a manner that recycles the supply water to maximise the efficient use of the water source or supply for situations where available water is scarce.




The membrane bypass water is fed back into the fill/storage tank for recycling.

Also since air pressure is the primary source for the creation of water pressure passing through the membrane (having pumped the pressure tank to say 100psi), it is not necessary to pump any more pressure into the tank until the pressure drops to around 40psi.


Pressure Gauge
A pressure gauge is located on the pressure tank for assistance in monitoring the tank pressure.

EWPS-75 Pricing

Price including one (1) Foot Pressure Pump is $1325.00, US dollars. (Shown)
Price including Two (2) Foot Pressure Pumps (optional) is $1375.00 US dollars.

Optional Low Volatge Compressor


This 12 Volt compressor is a great optional feature.

This low voltage compressor attached to the pressure tank can be driven by use of a standard 12 Volt battery, which can be charged and recharged via a solar panel.