Contol Panel

Europa computerized performance system is easy to use. You can adjust the entire operating system that synchronizes the fuel supply and air supply to the burner and the rate of ash disposal for maximum performance and optimal heat. 


Flex Fuel Twin Stage Burner

The heart of the Europa is: twin stage burner designed to burn biomass fuels. It burns fuel more efficiently and completely than any other pellet stove on the market.

Stage 1: Fuel bed is super heated to burn all fuels completely.

Stage 2: Unburned gases are released in the burn chamber than a secondary burn is created by injecting oxygen into the upper part of the burner.

Results: 35% more heat from each pound of fuel.

Protected under US & Int, patent  # 6,336,449 



Convection Air Flow

Europa 34,000 Btu has a very efficient convection system and often compared to other devices of 50,000 Btu on the market.  It accumulates more heat per pound of fuel consumed. 

* 85% Efficiency Heat Transfer. The convection efficiencies can be calculated by dividing the temperatures between the convection outlets (pipe) and the temperatures of the exhaust chimney.

Combustion Air Flow

 The Europa is a true 94.9 % overall efficient EPA approved stove. The Europa is a leading multi-fuel unit with its advanced Gasification Combustion Technology and Ash management system for superior burning results.

One of the Europa’s strength lies in its ease of transferring from one fuel to another by interchanging the burner and selecting the type of fuel on the control.