Why Buy A Pellet Stove Anywhere Else


Because it's environmentally friendly
Because of the money you'll save on heating
Because this heating source can run when there's a power failure
Because you can use different kinds of fuel depending on market availability and pricing
Because it's EPA approved

Paromax is using a patented technology, an advanced combustion technology, known in technical terms as gasification or complete combustion of the wood pellet gases. The benefits are reduced stove maintenance (reduced fly ash and clinker deposits) and an increase of up to 1/3 more heat into your home instead of out the exhaust as compared to the other brands, leaving more time to enjoy your stove while saving you money.


·     94.9 % LHV Efficiency Patented Combustion Technology

·     2 burners included, one for wood pellets and one for corn kernels

·     Burns corn kernels without mixing

·     Battery back-up with trickle charger, cables and smart low voltage protection to cool down the stove

·     Thermostat functions

·     High efficiency convection system

·     Feed rate of only 1 lb/hour on lowest setting

·     Air wash system

·     Burns up to 35% less fuel than a typical biomass stove

·     Save hundreds of dollars a year in fuel

·     Uses as little as 25 watts DC per hour to operate

·     The high efficiency motors run whisper quiet and use very little energy

·     One of the most advance ash management system

·     75 lbs hopper capacity for up to 3 days of continuous burning on one load