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Paromax Pellet Stove
Pellet Stove by Paromax

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What is a Pellet Stove?

A Pellet Stove is a zoned heating appliance much like a wood or gas stove which burns wood pellets as a fuel source. Most pellet stoves are easily vented through a wall as compared to their wood counterpart. There is also a wider flexibility of installation options since the venting pipes are smaller.
When compared to wood heating, the Paromax pellet stoves are fully automated. A hopper on the back of the stove can hold up to 75 lbs. of fuel, which is then automatically fed to the combustion chamber, according to how much heat is required. Pellet fuel is easier to load and store than wood and has a much longer burning cycle, (less filling). Instead of a typical "heat you out of the room radiant wood stove", our pellet stoves are equipped with blowers which force hot air into the room through a heat exchanger located on the front of the stove. And because these stove use the principal of convection heating (blowing hot air) clearance to combustibles (sides and back) is much less than wood stove installations.


Environmental benefits

Pellet fuel is a renewable resource, unlike oil and gas. The degree of efficiency (measured by particulate in the exhaust) is key to the stoves environmental friendliness. The Europa 75, boast ratings of less than of 1/2 of one gram of particulate/hour (15 times less than the EPA current standard!). This EPA certification makes these stoves the cleanest burning appliances today, with the lowest emissions of any wood, pellet or fossil fueled combustion system (including natural gas).


What kind of Pellet Fuel can I use?

Wood Pellets
All pellets are not the same. Pellets are made with different combinations and types of wood. There are over 70 different companies in the United States that manufacture pellets and each one has a different formula - trying to make the best pellet. The Pellet Fuels Institute, the industry's trade association, regulates the size and content of pellets. Most important of these tests is the ash content analysis. Ash content determines whether a pellet is considered premium (less than 1% ash content or standard (less than 3% ash content.) The Europa can burn a wider range of pellet fuel than any other brand due to its efficient burn technology.
Corn Kernels
North America produces about 300 million tons of corn, enough to heat over 115 million homes. Corn kernels has about the same BTU as wood pellet fuels (8,000 Btu/lb), but has more ash, so the maintenance on the pellet stove in terms of ash removal is greater. One acre will yield 3.8 tons of shelled corn, enough to heat 1.5 homes and is equal to 11.5 barrels of oil. Heating with a closed loop energy crop such as corn can reduce green house gases (CO2) by as much as 5.1 tons of CO2 per home per year.


Why are pellet stoves made by Paromax  the right choice?

Our line of pellet stoves are the right choice for so many reasons. They are the most environmentally friendly, efficient, easy to use, burn longer on a charge of fuel and they can work even during a power failure.


How do I operate a Paromax Pellet Stove

Our stoves are easy to operate. A custom computer chip onboard monitors the whole burning process for you. Once it's up and running, all you really need to do is add fuel and turn the unit to your desired heat requirements. There are specific settings set at the factory depending on whether the stove will burn corn or wood pellets. These adjustments can be made at home in a few minutes if you choose to change fuel types. A complete manual is included with the stove. 


Installation Questions?

Our pellet stoves come complete with installation instructions. If you have specific concerns regarding how to install your stove, have a look at the installation page or just ask us a question by going to the online form.


Our stoves include the following benefits by utilizing a 12VDC backup which can be powered directly from:

A 12 volt battery (standard car battery)

Your vehicle lighter plug

Solar panels



Fuel Savings

Our pellet stoves can save you up to 35% or more in pellet fuel over competing brands.


EPA Approved

Having the Environmental Protection Agency approval is important. It means that our pellet stoves are an environmentally clean appliance, but it also means that you're getting more heat for your dollar.